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Losing 100 Pounds with Phit-n-Phat

Nov 16, 2019

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You've been losing weight and suddenly what's been working no longer does. Today's replay of a recent Facebook Live, I teach you two things to look for to get you focused and clear on how to get your weightloss flowing again.

Nov 15, 2019

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One of the things I love about my Tribe is our live events. These are events where I coach and teach a room full of women who have traveled to spend the weekend bettering themselves and their lives.

In today's podcast I share some of the biggest takeaways from our...

Nov 9, 2019

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There are things VITAL to losing weight.

They help you...

Eat the things you say you will you eat.

Find motivation instead of waiting on it.

Learn from mistakes instead of quitting on yourself.

Listen to this Facebook Live replay to find out what they are and how to...

Nov 8, 2019

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Today I talk to you about the most important habits to develop if you want to lose your weight.

We talk about how you have to set up routines, think about and write about your goals, really begin to listen to how you talk to yourself and more.

These are habits that...

Nov 1, 2019

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It's November and time to figure out how you're going to ride the weightloss momentum train through the holidays.

Today I give you three of my BEST tips on how you can enjoy your holiday season and lose weight.

You won't want to miss this episode. It will shape the...