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Losing 100 Pounds with Phit-n-Phat: Real diet talk from someone who defeated a lifetime of obesity and now teaches you.

Apr 13, 2018

Think about this. To lose weight you MUST be willing to eat just enough. You have to learn how to eat until satisfied. No one who "stuffs themselves" or is a card carrying member of the Clean Plate Club is going to lose weight easy.

To lose weight you have to be able to leave food behind.

Restaurants will over serve you, your mom will insist you have more, if you order pizza you get a better deal when you buy two, and sometimes even what you prepare yourself is just too much for that meal.

Your inability to "waste" food will make losing weight harder. You just can't overeat and expect losses.

When I work with clients I ask them how often they are overeating. A lot of them think overeating is limited to a binge-fest on a bad day.

Nope! In fact, for most of us, that's the LEAST damaging. F-it moments are easy to spot.

What's elusive and often WAY harder to stop is the justified overeating.

"I"m full, but I portioned this so I should finish it."

"It's just a couple of bites left in the pan."

"OOOHHH a bite of Mac and Cheese left on juniors plate."

"I hate to waste the food...I paid for it."

"It's free! I'm broke so I need to take advantage."

All of this is waste. Waste going straight to your waist.

When you overeat you aren't saving money or getting your money's worth.

Overeating wastes your mental energy day dreaming about losing weight, it wastes your time on this earth toting around too many pounds, and it wastes your ability to know how much food you need.

One interesting concept I was teaching a Tribe member the other day was that you will NEVER know how much food to buy at the store if you keep polishing off food that you aren't hungry for. Think of the money you waste over-buying each week!

If you have head drama over leaving food behind OK. That's fine. Have some head drama but toss the food. Toss the food knowing you are teaching yourself how to quit wasting time wanting to lose weight. You will eventually teach yourself how much food you need and probably start buying less.

In this podcast we talk about how to put into practice leaving food behind deliberately.

Trust me. I still work on leaving food behind. When I do I think someone should march in with confetti and celebrate. Even after 13 years of keeping my weight off I feel like not cleaning my plate is an amazing feat. I don't know if wasting food will ever feel natural but I'm OK with that. I kind of like this body and willing to just keep working at it.

Plus, maybe that confetti will erupt. I sure hope I get a selfie.


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