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Losing 100 Pounds with Phit-n-Phat

Aug 17, 2019

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Do you feel a little queasy thinking about telling your partner…


I’m starting a new diet.


Welcome to being normal. 


You are just scared because of what they might think.


You will assume whatever YOU believe is what they think.


They will think I can’t do it.


I’m wasting our money.


I’ll quit like I always do.


It’s OK. I just want you to know that the mere thought of telling people taps on your own insecurities.


Now, here’s the tough love part of this.


Your loved ones and friends may or may not react the way you want. That’s THEIR opinion. 


What I am most interested in is your opinion…of YOU. 


If they support you…awesome. It’s nice to have but it’s not required. If you support YOU then anyone else is called gravy.


If they DON’T support you…OK. 


Find people who do.


Use it as fuel to learn to support yourself unconditionally. 


Prove them wrong.


I want you to realize if someone else doesn’t believe in you that it doesn’t lessen your ability to lose weight. It shows you how much you are willing to believe in yourself.


It allows you to stop blaming and excusing your way to remaining at your weight.


I get REAL animated in today’s podcast about the whole topic. I help you decide if you should tell anyone or not you are starting a diet. And, I tell you what to do when people do or do not support you.


This is a power packed episode.