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Losing 100 Pounds with Phit-n-Phat: Real diet talk from someone who defeated a lifetime of obesity and now teaches you.

Apr 28, 2018

So many of us focus on the food we need to give up in order to lose weight. Today I talk about what we really need to give up: regret, our past, fear of failure, and other BS we tell ourselves to NOT do the basics of weightloss. Hold on. It's a PREACH day.


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Apr 27, 2018

One week of not losing weight is not a stall and it's not a catastrophe! Your body is an amazing creation - it could be just adjusting to your new life or getting ready to do a big fat dump!

When your body doesn’t release weight for a week, it’s not stalled, It’s doing things on the inside. It’s all about...

Apr 21, 2018

Ever felt like even when you are doing the right things it's not enough? You start to think you have so much weight to lose. Suddenly when the little things are going right they still feel terrible. That's what we talk about today. How you get out of the mindset of finding what's wrong with your weightloss even when...

Apr 20, 2018

Today we talk about how finding a community to support you while you lose weight is essential to your success.

A weight loss community helps you connect to others who are walking the same path. You share ideas, you share successes and heartaches.

A community helps you find connection to those who hear the same message...

Apr 14, 2018

Today I am discussing the importance of having your mind SET to losing weight. Most of us try to lose weight from frustration, restriction and punishment. Ummm, that rarely works and when it does it doesn't last. I lost 100lbs because I decided to start giving a damn and telling myself I deserved more. We will...