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Losing 100 Pounds with Phit-n-Phat

Sep 6, 2019

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Today I’m doing something I rarely do.

I’m looking back and thinking about what I would’ve done different while losing 100lbs.

This is not a regrets podcast.

You know me. I am NOT a regretter.

But I was inspired by one of my favorite podcasters, Amy Porterfield of Online Marketing Made Easy, to help YOU.

She did a similar podcast for business. What I loved was that she wanted her students to have it easier.

If there is ANYTHING in this world I want it’s to do one simple thing…

Make weightloss easier for YOU.

You deserve to feel this good.

So today I’m helping you out.

You’ll hear the five things I would’ve done different. My favorite is dropping my own judgement of others and myself.

Girls, that one part is worth listening to.

I also talk a lot about my body.

I think you’ll enjoy it.