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Losing 100 Pounds with Corinne

Jan 8, 2021

Y’all know, I live my life like an open book.

Every week, I shamelessly share the up’s and down’s of my weightloss journey and all about my relationships with my friends, family, and No BS Women.

Today, I want to share more vulnerably about my feelings toward my drinking.

Like many women, there was a time I used several glasses of wine to take the edge off of an exhausting day.

Over the last two years, I’ve worked hard to understand and even redefine my relationship to alcohol.

I didn't decide to quit drinking cold turkey. Instead, I used the same mindset for handling my food urges to reduce my drinking by 75%.

I listened to other No BS women talk about the similarities in food and drinking urges, just like in my own experience. My response was to have a special overdrinking course created in my private membership to support their needs.

In today’s podcast, I’m talking to Angela Mascenik, who happens to be one of our No BS women and a life coach and podcaster committed to helping women stop overdrinking.


Topics discussed in this episode:

Topic 1: What overdrinking actually is, and why so many of us are using it, like food urges, to deal with our emotional baggage. [0:01 - 8:20]

Topic 2: The “so-what” concept of taking the drama out of problem solving, so you can use your brain to actually get to your solution even quicker. [8:46 - 11:50]

Topic 3: How we’re programmed to seek pleasure, and the similarities between the brain using food and alcohol urges that may make it easier to tackle both at the same time. [11:30 - 22:58]

Topic 4: Loads of useful tips to help you determine the next best decision for you when it comes to living your best life without relying on overdrinking. [22:59 - 41:23]


Resources mentioned in this episode:

 Angela Mascenik  [0:43 - 5:07]

Stop Over-Drinking and Start Living Podcast  [39:46 - 41:13]


Get the Free Course here: