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Losing 100 Pounds with Corinne

Jul 25, 2020

Each week I go live to answer questions from 1000's of listeners of the podcast. If you're a regular viewer you know I cut through the shit and give it to you straight. This is one of my favorite ways to help you lose weight the way you want to live your life.
In this episode, I answer questions like:
-How do you stop yourself from telling yourself you are a failure.
-What should I do if I find myself getting back into the habit of snacking in front of TV before bed?
-If you only need to lose 30-40lbs is the weight suppose to come off slow like 0.5lbs a week?
Every week I'm here helping you figure out weightloss. Make sure you join me each Wednesday at 8:30am CST at See you there!
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